Google dominates mobile search market

With 96 percent of the world’s mobile search market, Google is the dominant search engine, according to StarCounter, which tracks web use. It collects 57 percent of mobile ad revenue in the U.S., while its nearest competitor, Facebook, gets just 9 percent, according to eMarketer.

Google makes more than 500 adjustments per year to the formulas that determine what results are generated when a user enters a search. That’s more than one a day. You can’t just create a web site and forget about it. You’ve got to get to and stay on Google’s first page and that’s not happening unless you nurture your site, just like you would nurture a child.

But you’re not done yet and, quite honestly, you never will be once you jump into the Internet pool. Improvements to your site — such as video — is becoming a must.

Meanwhile, mobile apps development is moving at the speed of light. Yelp and Open Table, for instance, totally bypass Google by taking you directly to a place that can meet your needs, such as booking a table for dinner. Does your business site have a mobile app?

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