Video is a must for websites that want to thrive

Video is hard. Video is expensive. We don’t have a video studio. All of those excuses are no longer valid these days. Every content marketer needs to have video as part of her plan this year.

Video is one of the most consumed content formats online; YouTube is the second-largest search platform, according to comScore, a leading internet technology company that measures what people do as they navigate the digital world.

Think about it. Don’t you gravitate to video? What would the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge — which as I write this says “About 11,100,000 results” on You Tube — have been without it?

So, you if you want to catch attention online these days, your site better include video.  Broadway theaters are beginning to take advantage of this and why it has taken so long baffles me. After all, they’re actors aren’t they? And producers, many of whom have Hollywood cred these days, certainly have the means to pull off great looking video.

You don’t have to hire Hobbit master Peter Jackson to direct your movie. Most Droids and iPhones have the ability to take decent video. Most laptops have built-in movie-editing apps, or download one for free.  Buy a bendable tripod holder for your cell phone for $30 cause shaky video sucks — except for maybe in “The Blair Witch  Project.”

Yeah, I know, this video about the upcoming Broadway production of “The Country House” is really smooth, but effective. Watch the video here.

Besides scenes from the show starring Blythe Danner, there are moments with playwright David Margulies setting the scene, actors talking about the play itself, moving to Broadway, how it makes you laugh, then later cry, scenes from the show. You get a good feeling about it.

So, steal this formula — it made me want to buy tickets for the show — to promote your product.

If you’re selling cannolis shoot how they are made and interspersed that with the baker talking about the process, the counterman talking about sales, and a customer talking about how great they taste. Shoot Sunday dinner at someone’s house with the whole family eating those cannolis. It becomes personal.

Have fun. It’s not hard.

Tools/platforms to check out: This list is far from comprehensive, but here are a few at various price points and levels of sophistication: Vine, Instagram Video, Wordeo (“lite” creation/social apps); GoAnimate, Moovd, Wideo (animation tools); KnowledgeVision (online presentations); Vidyard, Brightcove, Wistia (for hosting and robust analytics).




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