‘Peter Pan Live’ example how small business can reach millions, for free

Image of Christopher Walken as Capt. Hook.
Casting Christopher Walken as Capt. Hook is brilliant.

Want to increase your brand,  your image, your reach, and build your community  internationally (clicks are clicks)!! Then browse over to the DiGiorno twitter site. Whoever is tweeting during “Peter Pan Live” —  being watched by millions — is killing by being civil and funny  — all for free! Learn from the DG master.

Remember, this is a company that sells its pizzas in supermarkets so you don’t have count on delivery for “delivery quality pizza.”.

I bow to the master. Why? Here’s a small example. This goes on for the  entire musical. I am so jealous.

Image of DiGorno Pizza Tweets that are creating community for free.
The DiGorno Pizza Twitter should be making lots of money for she/he brilliant, civil and hysterical posts.

 Learn more

Click here to follow all DiGiorno tweets.


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