Visitors who spend time on your site are golden

One visitor who spends time on your website may be worth more than two in a rush.

Google keeps its SEO analytics a secret so we can only guess, through best practices, how it rates what we do to attract  its spiders to crawl through our posts.

One industry wide accepted practice to boost your G rating is keeping folks on your page poking around for as long as possible. So, give them lots of “entertainment” in the form of photo galleries, video and links.  Keep in mind, though, it’s imperative your settings take the visitor to a new window, otherwise you are taking them off your page. Once they’re gone it’s unlikely they will hit the back button to return to your site.

Image of the Playbill logo.Here’s a perfect example of “entertainment” from Playbill, the theatergoers guide, that I posted on my website, which is devoted to news/reviews of New Jersey’s regional theaters and bits about Broadway.

Kristin Chenoweth, who got her musical theater start in 1993 at the Paper Mill Playhouse in its production of “Animal Crackers,” is a much beloved Broadway star. That means lots of people will read lots of stuff about her from all over the world.

Besides returning as a guest in a recurring role on TV’s “Glee” for its final season this month, she recently opened on Broadway in “On the Twentieth Century,” a madcap musical, and has covered her performance extensively.

Click on  Michael Gioia’s interview with the petite actress with the big voice’s first encounter with Madeline Kahn to envy how the site’s webmaster has package previously published stories, photo galleries and videos on the same page.

It’s a garden of delights big enough to satisfy any Chenoweth fan. That web producer knows that content is king and gives the customer lots to stuff to keep s/he busy.

Here’s a link to the page. But beware, this won’t be a two-minute visit.

Images of the website with the Kristin Chenoweth article and links to more articles and video.
Screen grab showing that In addition to the main article about Kristin Chenoweth, the web producer added clickable links to more stories and a video to encourage visitors to spend lots of time on the site poking around.

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