Does anyone agree on what Twitter really is?

New York Times columnist Nick Bilton says he has written almost a quarter-billion words about Twitter and still can’t tell you what the social media site really is. He notes in today’s Disruptions article Twitter’s three former CEO’s can’ agree either.

Image of Twitter logo
Why can’t Twitter increase its membership?

Jack Dorey, the first CEO says Twitter is for sharing your status. The second, Evan Williams, says it’s about news and media. The third is Dick Costolo, who left 9 days ago believes Twitter is a “global water cooler” where strangers talk.

This is just one of the problems Twitter is facing and maybe its biggest, Bilton writes, adding it could be why it has failed to expand beyond 300 million users while Facebook has 1.4 billion.

Twitter works really well for spontaneity and the creation of hashtags such as #lovewins when the Supreme Court ruled for same-sex marriage and #BlackLivesMatter to bring awareness of young  black men being shot by police, Bilton points out. And it can be negative as well, he says, when ISIS militants and white supremacists threaten people with it.

Twitter’s also has a problem with its leadership, Bilton says, like half the people on its board of directors hardly tweets and there’s been a lot of turnover? That’s like people who don’t like coffee being on Starbuck’s board, he said.

To read Nick Bilton’s complete NYTimes piece, click here.

To learn more about Nick Bilton, click here.



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