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Time spent waiting for page loading decreases

How long do you watch the spinning wheel before you move on? (CA Technologies)
How long do you watch the spinning wheel before you move on? (CA Technologies)

How long is someone willing to wait for an application to load on their device before getting out of Dodge?

Me, depending on the importance of what I am searching for, I may last for 8-10 seconds before I hit the back button. Maybe.

But if I am on the web for fun, I’m outta there in less than 5.

According to CA Technologies◊, this is how long most people wait:

— 7 percent of people will be gone in under 1 second

— 30 percent are gone in 1-3 seconds

— 31 percent are gone in 4-6 seconds

— 20 percent in 7-10 seconds

— 8 percent in 10 seconds or more

— 4 percent are unsure

Which mean, if your website takes more than 6 seconds, you’re possibly losing 68 percent of customers, viewers, buyers, sales, whatever it is you want people to do when they come to your site.

Performance matters to users

Site speed directly affects conversion rates, revenue, user satisfaction, SEO, page ranking,  site popularity and mostly every other business metric worth tracking. Users leave slow sites. Don’t you? Many won’t come back.

What to do?

Talk to your web master. Nothing on the web stays the same forever so you need periodic updates to maximize your site’s potential.

For instance, loading a video directly to you site rather than linking it to YouTube, will slow down your site. But make sure YouTube opens in a new window, so viewers don’t leave your site.

Go Daddy suggests you look for patterns, including:

  • Is your site slow only during certain hours of the day?
  • Is your site slow only from certain geographic locations?
  • Are only certain pages of your site slow?
  • Do you host multiple alias domains on your account? If so, are they all slow, or just one?
  • Do you run multiple Web applications on your account? If so, are they all slow, or just one?
  • Do you run multiple plugins, modules, or themes for your Web application? If you disable them, does your site speed up?
  • Is your connection to other websites slow?

To check our more advice from Go Daddy,  click here.


◊ CA Technologies is one of the largest independent software corporations in the world. An American, multinational, publicly held company based in NYC, it creates systems software that runs in mainframe, distributed computing, virtual machine and cloud environments.


Visitors who spend time on your site are golden

One visitor who spends time on your website may be worth more than two in a rush.

Google keeps its SEO analytics a secret so we can only guess, through best practices, how it rates what we do to attract  its spiders to crawl through our posts.

One industry wide accepted practice to boost your G rating is keeping folks on your page poking around for as long as possible. So, give them lots of “entertainment” in the form of photo galleries, video and links.  Keep in mind, though, it’s imperative your settings take the visitor to a new window, otherwise you are taking them off your page. Once they’re gone it’s unlikely they will hit the back button to return to your site. Continue reading Visitors who spend time on your site are golden

Salvation Army uses #TheDress in campaign against violence

Not every time something goes viral on the web will your company be able to piggyback on it for tons of free PR. But sometimes you can and the Salvation Army is reaping the benefits of the black-and-blue dress vs. the white-and gold dress phenomenon as part of its campaign against domestic abuse.

In a couple of days, this 150-year-old organization turned the world-wide conversation about individuals’ perception of the color of a dress into society’s perception of domestic violence. Why are some us, even whole societies, unwilling to see and act to end violence against women?

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Jane Austin and Live Tweeting during ‘Death Comes to Pemberley’

P. D. James' clever whodunit "Death Comes to Pemberley"  stars Anna Maxwell Martin ("Bleak House"), Matthew Rhys ("The Americans") is live Tweeting during air time with fans.
P. D. James’ clever whodunit “Death Comes to Pemberley,” based on Jane Austin’s “Pride and Prejudice,” stars Anna Maxwell Martin (“Bleak House”), Matthew Rhys (“The Americans”) in a Masterpiece Theatre live Tweeting event with fans.

Hard to know if Jane Austin were around she  would reach out to fans through Twitter, but Masterpiece Theatre viewers of her work and of P.D. James’ pastiche “Death Comes to Pemberley” are being encouraged to do so tonight (11/2/14).

It’s one thing for major news stations to keep viewers updated via their website with breaking news, or for the major award shows to post winners as they are announced. But more and more TV series are setting aside a night to tweet all kinds of tidbits to their fans. It’s a smart idea, something small businesses should adopt, and a great way to interact with viewers (who represent Nielsen ratings as well as web clicks).

Don’t just watch us, talk to us!

For small businesses, it builds community in a fun way at virtually no cost and will pay back big time down the road.

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