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Helping third-party companies gather your personal info?

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Secure your Facebook presence against hackers.

Ever use Facebook to sign into an App? Did you agree for that App to gather info on your friends and family? (I, for one, don’t thank you for that.) But there is a solution for both me and you to keep our info as private as possible in this day and age because nobody wants to be hacked.

Social media guru (and Jersey Girl) Kim Komando recently posted an article about how Facebook not only tracks our every keystroke (no surprise there) but share info third-party companies when we use FB to play a game or “Log in with Facebook.”

When you do that, Komando says, you’ve given them permission to access all kinds of information about you and all of your “friends.” If you don’t want that — and who really does –Komando explains how to opt out of sharing.

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Facebook essential to growing your business

Image of Mark Zuckerberg with the Facebook logo.Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg takes two months off to spend time with his newborn daughter and on his return announces his company  surpassed Wall Street’s fourth-quarter expectations of $1.2 billion in profit on $5.37 billion in revenue.

How FB got there was via something I’ve been harping about for more than three years — advertising on mobile devices. If you website isn’t responsive — meaning looks good and user-friendly on a smart phone as well as a laptop — then fire whoever runs your website ’cause they probably think advertising in newspapers is still good marketing.

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