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Facebook essential to growing your business

Image of Mark Zuckerberg with the Facebook logo.Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg takes two months off to spend time with his newborn daughter and on his return announces his company  surpassed Wall Street’s fourth-quarter expectations of $1.2 billion in profit on $5.37 billion in revenue.

How FB got there was via something I’ve been harping about for more than three years — advertising on mobile devices. If you website isn’t responsive — meaning looks good and user-friendly on a smart phone as well as a laptop — then fire whoever runs your website ’cause they probably think advertising in newspapers is still good marketing.

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Thinking about advertising on Facebook?

Facebook used to be about getting likes. There’s been a shift in the past two years and –for better or for worse — ads are popping up all over it.

If your small business is thinking about advertising on FB, here’s three things to keep in mind, according to a BusinessNewsDaily article I found reprinted on Mashable.com:

— Think of Facebook campaigns as search campaignsfacebook
–Keep your ads fresh
— Remember that customers don’t come to Facebook to buy

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HootSuite and social marketing

All kinds of interesting info coming out of SXSW now going on in Austin. Texas. For small- and medium-sized businesses, social media management tool HootSuite soon will roll out a tool that lets users control multiple social media accounts in one platform. I’m a little confused because I thought they already did that. It adds, however, this service will allow the businesses to manage marketing budgets. Watching your money is always good. Look for it in the next few months.