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Build communities, not networks, to woo loyal followers

LinkedIn today has an interesting article on Google+. I know, enough about Google, but you gotta admit they pretty much run the web universe these days. So learn to like ’em or get left in the dust.

Focusing on non-profits’ success with G+, Ronald Honigman explains now the Red Cross struck gold by crafting a visually focused story about the Red Cross and engaged with people who support the organization’s ongoing mission:

“The Red Cross has found success by applying this strategy across each social network and adapting it to suit the nuances and audiences unique to each channel.

It found that visuals tend to receive the highest amount of interactions from its audiences, such as photos from events and volunteers, infographics illustrating the need for more blood donations, and repurposed YouTube videos.

One of the unique aspects of Google+ is that it is tied into an ecosystem, whereas some of the other social platforms are their own standalone communities, says Midkiff.

His advice for other non-profits is to use visuals and other engaging content to drive interactions with your audiences to eventually take advantages of the larger Google+ ecosystem.

Lastly, he recommends that in order to find success with a platform like Google+ make sure your organization has the manpower or infrastructure in place to continually maintain the social network. Without this infrastructure, your organization will have hard time updating and tending to your Google+ page enough to find the success you’re looking for.”

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Social media isn’t new, isn’t going away

Social Media isn’t new and LinkedIn has now been around for 12 years, yet some businesses are only just coming to grips with it, says Amanda Ashworth, a freelance marketing manager, social media and social recruiter in her blog posted on LinkedIn. Although it was about recruiters, her interesting post could be adapted for use by small businesses. Too many recruiters (substitute businesses here) are not using these tools to increase their networks, she says.

Content comes in many forms, and Google loves content, she says. Posting valuable and compelling content and information — not just ads about your business — is the best way to keep people interested in you business and build traffic to your site.

She says you can communicate to thousands or even millions of people at one time and form online relationships with them before you even meet them. The problem, as I see it, is too many small businesses hire someone to build their site, check it off their to-do list and forget social media requires engagement. Like any other relationship, it needs to be nurtured. She suggests you master Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so you don’t just have vanity URL’s.

Here are her suggestions on a few other ways to use content:

  • Updates on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook (these are the big three at the moment)
  • Blog posts
  • Images (Instagram and Facebook is what she recommends)
  • Video (YouTube, Instagram or Vine)
  • Webinars or Google Hangouts